Wednesday, July 12, 2017

let's go slow

A day will come to go, just do not rush towards it. Prepare first.
All is here to leave this body sooner or later.
The only promise in life is death; here are no promises.
A body gets homesick and it returns to its home.
You know death was sure to come to take all away
 just like the moment when we were born was sure
and we came out of womb.
To be born and not wishing to suffer
in this sorrowful world is def suffering.
And you cry for things you wished to happen but didn't happen?
 Life is larger than that.
Controlling things outside of you, would be against the law of nature.
But Inside all has that control to create harmony with outside.
 Life is acceptance of all realities (at this very present moment)
without desiring to change any bit of it
and that way if we live our practice while living ,
on deathbed it comes easy; one dies happy.
 another borns crying. 

Wait and watch time will tell you

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Swastikas evolving

while doing this Swastika project,
I felt how shastika/ swatika leg wants to go on its own way.
 inward or outward , it just flows leaving shapes of space.

The Swatika couples dancing with rhythm of the moon and all nature. 

This one is by James. He comes with the army of Swasti warriors. One has musical instrument as his sword, other has trident as his sword etc. all objects represent something , however it is up to an individual whether to pain-brain towards it or just flow.

in the same rhythm all dance with their souls 

The sun and the moon

Where do we all dwell?
Where one has to reside?
Does one always know
what is deep inside of each heart ?

When I look at my James' art, it gives me sense of balance and wholeness. What a perfection to look at! but he says his works never finish ! oh well, foreground artwork by him and background is my image from Pushkar, amazing place , amazing space to dwell inside.. just looking at birds flying over hills , temples bell ringing , devotees singing being inside their hearts.. etc

you know how I feel !

My Dear green plant ,

 I came back to this old place 
a plant in shade, unlooked after ;
leaf brown as its stem ..
I drank water while I fed the plant
one morning 
it came out all green;
It gave me life 
full of embraces to survive,
How in my presence 
I would let it die ?
Oh ! I gave you life
but I am going again,
you shall remain here always
in my arts, green 

My ancestors still worship forests. They dwell in forests. Taking care of plants somehow connects me to them. 

There is ground below to feel grounded, 
remember to connect to roots, all finds stability 

Be flexible like bendy plants but in mind 

Never forget All owns control. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Heads have hung over clouds

Heads over clouds
Heads have hung over clouds

unalloyed bliss

All the bracts of marigold sweep away;
zephyr memoirs of fragrance
As breaths don't leave the body
until it holds everything
but everything holds nothing.
any time bracts may blow
and a body dies for itself
all green go to black after-
unalloyed bliss you are ! Flow like an
endless of bottomless depth

Ps- over years meaning of everything changes however,  all is part of learning 

Dark Roses and Velvet Sky

Life is a way of Dark Roses
It's journey till death
struggles towards the roof of skylight.
Guarded by thrones
against all's desire
yet for one desire
it leaves its way
beyond all heaven and velvet sky.

Ps- art version of roses 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Swastika evolving

Swastika meaning well-being "subha-labha". 
Evolving of a Swastika is evolving of a being and 
Swastika evolves to infinite legs 

On his artwork, I helped swasti-beings crossing an ocean and it was fun !

Background artwork by him
Foreground artwork by me

"Swastika; Well-Being; Subha-Labha"

This is another Art collaboration from my love James and me. Enjoy peace and harmony

Yoga and art project (part I )

Many many thanks and love to my James for helping me with this Yoga and art Project (Part I)

In Yoga, this posture is named after Frog "Bekasana"
The word Yoga Comes from Sanskrit word "Yuj" which means "to unite"
Hence, Imitating frog with the power of mind
keeping breaths rhythmic
to become one with an imitated object.
This photo taken by my creative love, James while in Gokarna, India.

I have learnt many more in Yoga through art and Vice Versa.
I used to believe that my Art made me open, expressive and fearless.
Now I realise living Yoga practice was foundation to it and all. 

(VeeraBhadra was the fierce Warrior of lord Shiva ) VeeraBhadrasana Variation

(This VeeraBhadrasana Artwork was re-edited later by my creative love James)
on our journey of YOGA SADHANA.
James and I end up collaborating our arts often.
He makes amazing patterns and segregate them.
So a piece of his Amazing art is blooming outward from inside and photograph of me doing "Parsvottanasana" (Intense side Stretch Pose) was also taken by him.

Me performing "EkaPada Sirshasana" in Kudle Beach ,
Many love and thanks to James for being who he is. 

Breathe with your mind into desired parts of your body and remain calm.
There is no powerful medicine than rest of both body and mind at the same time.
"Savasana" The corpse pose.

"Gone gone gone.. beyond to such awakening"

Gatey..Gatey.. ParaGate..Parasamagate..Bodhi..swaha..!

Finding balance in Garudasana

The king of birds "Garuda" (Eagle)

Finding balance in Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

shitting the faff

 Life is a faff ;
all is a troll ;
world is a joke. 
and, humour could be dark 
but true.
Shitting the faff like a poem to poetry
a faff to faffery

Swasti Duck crossing road on golden sunset 

love is yourself

If you do not want to be unhappy,

Go and love yourself

If you do not want to make other  unhappy,

Go and love yourself

love is yourself for others 

Ps- Thanks to my one and only raja for healing symbol on my forehead , it buzzes

sincere seeker

oh teacher,
 your robes too fancy to me 
shine hard ; blind my eyes.
I need to fix my gaze in mind
you know - Light doesn't hide;
knowledge worth value of life is free and,
 you cannot play with fire to believe you did not burn any !
when All returns to whose you have consumed ,
swords of fire ablaze 
to exit through 

May you be free from all grunts and grudges

Play with fire of heart carefully 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

alone .

These days I sleep outside in tent. A Kitty comes all over the tent all night long scratching from up and a dog sleeps beside me. Last night was chilly, barefoot I walked up to terrace, swung on hammock and listened to the sound of water in an artificial pond. for Some moments I got carried away , for some I could hold myself. and i talked to the fishes in the pond 
"oh fishes the world though small where we meet people 
we know and we do not know but all gives a life lesson
from where on we move with such teachings ,world though small 
so full of people ,at the end of the day, all sees dreams in sleep alone, all has been born before alone .. so the living feels..

Friday, March 31, 2017

divine shall visit

Who makes happiness come-and-go?
Inconsistent do I know?
Shame what I always forget-
divine divine
I only hope for you to come to me
but what obstructs you to come to me?
without you how all purity comes
for whom shall I pray and sing and mediate !
divine divine come to me
I offer you my gesture , water and flowers
in silence divine I am just a beggar
but you can reside into my temple