Tuesday, April 11, 2017

alone .

These days I sleep outside in tent. A Kitty comes all over the tent all night long scratching from up and a dog sleeps beside me. Last night was chilly, barefoot I walked up to terrace, swung on hammock and listened to the sound of water in an artificial pond. for Some moments I got carried away , for some I could hold myself. and i talked to the fishes in the pond 
"oh fishes the world though small where we meet people 
we know and we do not know but all gives a life lesson
from where on we move with such teachings ,world though small 
so full of people ,at the end of the day, all sees dreams in sleep alone, all has been born before alone .. so the living feels..

Friday, March 31, 2017

divine shall visit

Who makes happiness come-and-go?
Inconsistent do I know?
Shame what I always forget-
divine divine
I only hope for you to come to me
but what obstructs you to come to me?
without you how all purity comes
for whom shall I pray and sing and mediate !
divine divine come to me
I offer you my gesture , water and flowers
in silence divine I am just a beggar
but you can reside into my temple

Monday, February 29, 2016

शून्यता (VOIDNESS)

आखिर के छ यहाँ -
एउटा पानी-फोका जस्तै 
पुर्ल्लुक आयो, सह्यो एकछिन
 अनि गयो -
केहि भयो र त्यहाँ ?
सबै त्येही शून्यतामा बिलिनेछौँ !  

Sunday, November 29, 2015

other people s terrace

witnessing myself observing other people's terrace


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I blame you

this whole world bores me, really -

Another day under pine trees

Another day under pine trees

Monday, November 23, 2015

The little fairies

===One Autumn morning, surrounded by === 

When I was roaming around the forest, I met these little fairies and, they had been shifting here and there, for their picnic spot. 
when they'd find the woods, they'd shout out loud. 

All had a work.
The boy-fairies enjoying nature. 

A stone for their picnic and the road is uneven ! Oh they all can fly !!!!!!

They found this spot but along with their loyal guard, they moved from there again. 

Their voices faded into the forest. May be - they found their picnic spot. 
One Autumn morning, surrounded by
"synchronicities and blessings all around"
all meaningful, pure and free.

autumn colors

Other people's idea of having fun.