Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My days.

I will cut you down into ashes. 

Sky is the limit.
I am out of this crowd already. 
And Can you find me? 
The Revolution (My Apple brother did this)
With the YouTube make-up Guru, The Transformer, Promise Tamang Phan (
Me and my best friend Chumulu.
Everything was so Strawberry there.
So big big strawberries. Reminded me of the song "Strawberry Field Forever"
May, 2011. Malaysia.

We all walk alone. Once in our life. Sometimes, all of our lives.
And my days.

with my friend, the solo wanderer. 

And oh, How much I miss you guys )-:

Thank you for being there. 

 B E S T 
 Hahaha Thats my cool office.
Its so so so fun. 

The lost wanderer

My weapon, Beatles and my bangs. 

Peace <3<3

I love you angel for making that Face HAHA
My weapon and me.
My pretty pretty lady !
One of those vague morning and my long hair.
The Nature woman.

Baby beer and me
Straight to my tut mind.
Stand by me. And I will, by you too.
Its a love from Stranger. Painting on my self portraits. <3
If  everything in this world was beautiful, would anything be beautiful ???
I fell in love with this man in Singapore and I didn't want to come back <3<3

I know I shouldn't look this angry, right? So, I am singing.

Cause I love singing lifting up my legs. ^-^
My glasses. 

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