Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The collection of Pencil Sketch/ Paintings on my portraits done by many talented artists around the world; made me surprised. And These all are more than just beautiful. ♥♥ 

Luciana Riccardi, an Italian based artist did several paintings on my portraits for her exhibition.
Thank you Jim.

By warheart 

By Stephanie Niddrie ♥

By Jimmy Foutch 

For exhibition by Sam Aplin. 


By Sam Aplin. Below the picture of it !

Also by Luciana Riccardi <3

By Luciana

Again, by Luciana
By Dllong 

By Anum dai

By Amadeus

By Helion <3 The sketched one is with butterfly(right)

By Adrian

Anum dai.

By Rishta didi

Pencil sketch by Tikilbane


By thatevilbunny ( his username)

Again by ThatEvilBunny <3
By John Dicandia<3
By Kana <3