Saturday, November 19, 2011

The poetic silence

Here, everything speaks.

Like in the movie, from this terrace I am watching people in rush
Like in the dreams,
heavenly bodies watching me from far above
in this silent night, me and my thoughts
and war in between !

The lost slipper. And the one who found it didn't need it as much as the who needed it back. Perhaps the slipper wasn't that favorite but someone forgot how he'd walked with it even during rainy days when road was all muddled!  
Are you forgotten too?

Every where a dreammmmmmmmmmmmmm !!! The bloody blurry dreams !

we all have something to cry for
something we don't want to lose
but we cry
and this way we will only lose
we will only lose
You tell me now what to cry for?

Thank you for letting me fall cause now I can see such beautiful sky. 

If everything had answers, would mystery exists?
And then that Pain I feel ? 
Where had you been and where are you now? 
these answers I would seek. 
If only everything had answers!

Don't live with an illusion of happiness.
Try not to be happy when you don't feel it.  I mean it.  

Some things are left undone so that we can always go back to start it all over again. 

There ain't the crazy days like yesterday
when I had no idea about what I 'd want?
Still would be searching the things that I wasn't even sure of,
no regrets that I ran naked over the fields
laughing all the times
playing with my hairs
swinging in the air

Living our dreams. To live is to learn.
To learn is to go through changes.
 D i s c o v e r i n g  the  s i l e n c e  in  m e.  

Plaster me as I weep
on to your chest
as you breathe
And we'll break the wall, my peanut butter. 

They only leave you the memories.  In the end, you are all by yourself.  And its up to you to be sad or happy. 

Black Bird, hook me up by your feathers and fly me away. Take me somewhere I'd never been before.