Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tired of being awake.

Traces you left behind were guiding me home somehow
yet was confused whether to follow them or just leave
Either way I had to take pain
So I kept following... 
And Did I find us ? And did you too, babe ?

I knew that I will be enough. Of all these!!!
The people and such feelings of being around with them was only temporary. So I walked away. They lost me. How it'd make difference being with/without them when I was confused about myself? I didn't pry. I lost them to find the being in me. And this was more important than worrying about what they might think of it.
Quietness. I know there is. So, I close my eyes and ignore the crowds.

I paint human black. I make them feel bad about me cause I don't want to be nice. If I be nice this time, they expect me to be the same next time which for my own sake, I can't be. I can't be nice. 
yes I m angry here in my prison, dear dark lord !there's so much more behind these bars
and so much of it I will puke if you let me be me
 Else will die, I will die rotten and
you will kill a bird wishing to fly. Beyond.

"Incomplete Version of me." Painting on my portrait by beloved sis, Barsha. 
Eventually every lies will guide us to the truth. I am an animal.

when you feel you have nothing, you have everything to lose. 

I don't want you to feel bad. About anything. Ever. I just want to look into your eyes and wonder.

I am the Phoenix. I will die and born again from my own ashes.

The Cursed Melody of life. About life. From life. To life. Play till die.

How free is one's freedom?

Faded & Lost with time.

We all are sick in a way.

Please believe me even when I am mute.

Don't know how things get slipped even when trying my best to hold them ?

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