Saturday, December 3, 2011

Some Spellbound memories.

Life is a bitch. And you gotta bitch it all.

Hello hollow stone!
I am just like you.

OMG was she even aware of that? lol
Someone please go and swap the card ? haha
I don't have much friends. But then hey I am okay with it.

My best friend, Chumulu(left), at the moment of joys & sorrows.

So I did batik paintings.
Drew the colorful turtle from my dreams.

So this was my dream turtle. <3<3

Playing around.

Coming out of the big,big machines along with beautiful art prints of Angel Muktan. This was for a magazine !

They say don't ever cross the lines and they made zebra crossing lines.

My soul brother Jean and his love Suzzy. I miss you, my brother.

My babe wangko !
I have learned not to mind when it comes to being happy (-:

 I try to capture what is not there.

My little ones !
Freedom, Love, Khuro, Vodka and Koko.
Managing prints for upcoming exhibition with a very talented artist brother, Angel Muktan.
P.S- That painting he did is awesome !

Pleasure is all mine !