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Showing posts from November 2, 2011

Angry Butterflies

When the darkest of the night begins, it separates me from everything;  from the ground where I am standing to the ceiling that makes me dazed.  I absorb as I think clearly. Quietly. And things become different.  Then wall speaks.  Scream in my ear rings like never stopping bells.  All those lost things come back, flying.  There I close my eyes to see; the vague image of angry butterflies... flapping their broken wings constantly reminds me that, everything what I had once was real and I still have that everything if I like to believe.  But somehow, it feels I don't care to believe cause I feel I am happier this way.  And these angry butterflies go and vanish into the grayish abyss.  Never to come back. While, here I keep wandering... what it was for?  Those anger.