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Even better sky

Even better sky.

The love was so darkly velvet  painted on the dancing dreams
and the things we did when together were  so beautiful. And now GONE. 

PS: Thanks to my amazing models

Have you ever been hurt by flowers?
so beautiful they look yet so poisonous

Pampered by the miseries.

We all are lunatic, devastated by the beautiful things we try to make them, ours.
But do you know I can't digest flowers.

Let me live through my days
the pale, pale days I never mind as I don't have mind to mind
The things I grew inside of me
now, like a tree
its branches coming out of the cage.

On my way to purgatory ..
I met all the bad deeds I did.
I met the people's faces; some known, some unknown
crying in despair, hopeless faces
There was this face, painted with black
the long hairs covered her breasts
like that of punished angels.

Things !
Don't make me think more.
Things !!
Else I will blast.
Just let me burn while I still got some fire to burn.