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my wish upon your wish

In the darkest room  on a lonely chair, your body tie with rope. A small window just to envy you with the light silently , 
day by day  you wish upon yourself to die Foolishness again!  you know you can't die so easily just when you want it oh yeah now your mouth is gaged with your poisonous words So how your ears are tortured with echoes  Reflecting on the walls of that empty room Your poor words failed and my words failed to express 
Oh, Son of a feeble man!   may your seeds never grow neither inside a womb of any woman  nor her warmth ever keep you warm
Yet- I wish you live thousand years,  suffering !  This is my wish upon your wish.
Burn.Burn.Burn alive,  with this of my fire of rage.
Burn burn burn alive,
For its your own flame.

The lost crowd.

the lost crowd of 
may be thousand faces, 
In it, I search another you  to communicate
And all looks so busy
you too don't understand my language and the others don't.