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Wisdom of fire

Now that I'm known to the fire
 once had burned me    down;
In the dark, in my mind 
an agony ripped off its own fate
It lost its way, 
Changed its forms,
Knowing not where it shall go
and it went round and round 
to begin to end;  to end to begin

Then, the delusions died 
sparkling in the blue blue
 flame of fire.

Oh the king of all warmth !
Hey the light of darkness !!
Oh the essence of glory !!!
Did you touch my soul? 
Oh then Did I dance, 
upon your grace? 
 or Am I 
drunk with your wisdom, 

hey fire!
If you'd return to things you'd burn, 
For what you'd exist  
then what you can teach ?

Hey the light in darkness,
Oh the king of all warmth!

Blaze ! 
Blaze !! 
till eternity. ...


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