Wednesday, July 12, 2017

let's go slow

A day will come to go, just do not rush towards it. Prepare first.
All is here to leave this body sooner or later.
The only promise in life is death; here are no promises.
A body gets homesick and it returns to its home.
You know death was sure to come to take all away
 just like the moment when we were born was sure
and we came out of womb.
To be born and not wishing to suffer
in this sorrowful world is def suffering.
And you cry for things you wished to happen but didn't happen?
 Life is larger than that.
Controlling things outside of you, would be against the law of nature.
But Inside all has that control to create harmony with outside.
 Life is acceptance of all realities (at this very present moment)
without desiring to change any bit of it
and that way if we live our practice while living ,
on deathbed it comes easy; one dies happy.
 another borns crying. 

Wait and watch time will tell you

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