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Swastikas evolving

while doing this Swastika project,
I felt how shastika/ swatika leg wants to go on its own way.
 inward or outward , it just flows leaving shapes of space.

The Swatika couples dancing with rhythm of the moon and all nature. 

This one is by James. He comes with the army of Swasti warriors. One has musical instrument as his sword, other has trident as his sword etc. all objects represent something , however it is up to an individual whether to pain-brain towards it or just flow.

in the same rhythm all dance with their souls 

The sun and the moon

Where do we all dwell?
Where one has to reside?
Does one always know
what is deep inside of each heart ?

When I look at my James' art, it gives me sense of balance and wholeness. What a perfection to look at! but he says his works never finish ! oh well, foreground artwork by him and background is my image from Pushkar, amazing place , amazing space to dwell inside.. just looking at birds flying over hills , temples bell ringing , devotees singing being inside their hearts.. etc

you know how I feel !


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