Thursday, July 6, 2017

Yoga and art project (part I )

Many many thanks and love to my James for helping me with this Yoga and art Project (Part I)

In Yoga, this posture is named after Frog "Bekasana"
The word Yoga Comes from Sanskrit word "Yuj" which means "to unite"
Hence, Imitating frog with the power of mind
keeping breaths rhythmic
to become one with an imitated object.
This photo taken by my creative love, James while in Gokarna, India.

I have learnt many more in Yoga through art and Vice Versa.
I used to believe that my Art made me open, expressive and fearless.
Now I realise living Yoga practice was foundation to it and all. 

(VeeraBhadra was the fierce Warrior of lord Shiva ) VeeraBhadrasana Variation

(This VeeraBhadrasana Artwork was re-edited later by my creative love James)
on our journey of YOGA SADHANA.
James and I end up collaborating our arts often.
He makes amazing patterns and segregate them.
So a piece of his Amazing art is blooming outward from inside and photograph of me doing "Parsvottanasana" (Intense side Stretch Pose) was also taken by him.

Me performing "EkaPada Sirshasana" in Kudle Beach ,
Many love and thanks to James for being who he is. 

Breathe with your mind into desired parts of your body and remain calm.
There is no powerful medicine than rest of both body and mind at the same time.
"Savasana" The corpse pose.

"Gone gone gone.. beyond to such awakening"

Gatey..Gatey.. ParaGate..Parasamagate..Bodhi..swaha..!

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