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Showing posts from July 6, 2017

Swastika evolving

Swastika meaning well-being "subha-labha".  Evolving of a Swastika is evolving of a being and  Swastika evolves to infinite legs 

Yoga and art project (part I )

Many many thanks and love to my James for helping me with this Yoga and art Project (Part I)

Finding balance in Garudasana

shitting the faff

Life is a faff ; all is a troll ; world is a joke.  and, humour could be dark  but true.

love is yourself

If you do not want to be unhappy, Go and love yourselfIf you do not want to make other  unhappy,Go and love yourselflove is yourself for others 
Ps- Thanks to my one and only raja for healing symbol on my forehead , it buzzes

sincere seeker

oh teacher,  your robes too fancy to me  shine hard ; blind my eyes. I need to fix my gaze in mind you know - Light doesn't hide; knowledge worth value of life is free and,  you cannot play with fire to believe you did not burn any ! when All returns to whose you have consumed , swords of fire ablaze  to exit through 

Play with fire of heart carefully